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Well Looky Here! Kentucky Cop Allegedly Gave Seized Weed to His Girlfriend!

Who do you call when the police are the ones doing the crime?

A Louisville, Kentucky police officer recently found himself on the other side of the law after he was found to have ALLEGEDLY supplied his girlfriend with police seized property!

Officer Tyler Gelnett got a slap on the wrist, also known as administrative reassignment, while investigators continue to work his case.

It was reported that Gelnett, between December 2019 and April 2020, "seized marijuana from individuals in the community" and gave some of the drugs to a woman he was in a relationship with, according to the criminal complaint.

Police said an audit showed discrepancies between the amount of marijuana seized by Gelnett and how much was turned in to the property room. And Gelnett, according to the criminal complaint, admitting giving the unnamed woman some of the marijuana and turned over to investigators drug paraphernalia he had given her.

In addition, police claim Gelnett’s actions were confirmed by video evidence, electronic surveillance and witness testimony.

Gelnett has been on the police force since 2018 and has had complaints filed against him pretty muchsince day one. In 2019 he was accused of groping and fondling a woman during a traffic stop.

Kali Coates was with her boyfriend and family members when she was pulled over on Jan. 5, 2019, after turning onto 28th Street from Virginia Avenue.

After Gelnett ordered her out of her vehicle, he "inappropriately" placed his hands in her "crotch area" and then into her underwear, according to the suit, which is pending.

Then, after the officer moved Coates to the rear of the car, he began a second search. At that point, she accuses Gelnett of "groping her buttocks and her vagina to the point that another officer intervened and admonished him," the suit claims.

Police body camera video obtained by WDRB News shows another officer, a man, telling a visibly upset Coates that Gelnett was in training and apologized for the way she was searched, saying the officer would be punished.

"We apologize to you," the unnamed officer told Coates after the traffic stop, according to the video. "I want to personally apologize."

Evidently he wasn't punished enough because just a few months later he started shaking down the local marijuana users and then taking their goods for his own. Gelnett was busted but, now arrested instead, he was issued a criminal summons to appear in court. He will be arraigned on Nov. 20 on charges of trafficking in marijuana and official misconduct.

Must be nice. . .


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