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Married Vermont Police Officer Murders His Ex-Girlfriend then Kills Himself While on Duty!

A married Vermont police officer committed one of the ultimate offenses Monday morning. Vermont State Police say Jeffery Strock, 58, signed in for duty shortly before 11am then went about his normal day of routine traffic stops.

WCAX reports that just before 2 p.m., they say "Strock arrived at the home of his ex-girlfriend, Julie Fandino, 58, on Carpenter Lane. Police say the two dated for about five years and Strock was trying to rekindle the relationship after they separated and he remarried. It’s unclear what happened next but police say Strock fired his pistol multiple times, killing Fandino, and then shot himself.

Fandino’s 23-year-old daughter was home and sleeping at the time. The two bodies were found outside just a few minutes later by the property manager, who noticed the cruiser and stopped by."

Strock was a part-time officer with the Washington County Sheriff’s office and Berlin Police Department for the last 20 years. His coworkers say that they hadn't noticed any changes in his behavior and he didn't have a history of violence.

Fandino's sister said that her sister had been homesick and had returned to the family home for a visit. Otherwise she wouldn't have been there. Although this man didn't show any outward signs of having a mental health issue, there was definitely something going on!

Let's talk about the fact that these two were a couple for five years then, after they parted ways, HE GOT MARRIED. Sir, how do you get married and STILL want to get back with your ex? How do you kill a woman who has decided that, since you moved on, she's fine with not being with you? This behavior is sick!

Ladies, any man that will move on but try to block you from doing so, can't be trusted. PERIOD.


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