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Florida Man Beats an Underage Girl Unconscious After She Turns Down His Advances.

A Naples, Florida man was arrested Tuesday after police said he allegedly beat a young girl unconscious.

The incident happened at a Panda Express where the 17-year-old girl was eating. Witnesses say that 37-year-old Bruce Gordon was standing in the girl's line and made an advance toward her. When she turned him down Gordon became irate and began yelling at the young girl. Gordon reportedly called the girl several obscenities and began to advance on her.

According to reports, after Gordon and the girl were separated, Gordon stood up and punched the girl several times in the face until she was unconscious, then stomped on her as she was on the ground not moving, according to the Naples Police Department.

Gordon continued to kick the girl until a chair was thrown at him, according to his arrest report.

The girl had a large cut on her eyebrow, a large knot on her head and bruises on her chin and lips.

She was taken to Naples Community Hospital North and suffered a severe concussion but did not have life-threatening injuries, according to Naples PD.

This is exactly why some women are afraid to turn men down. It's a blessing that this young girl is still alive. There have been cases where women were shot and killed for turning men down. We have no idea why some men just can't bow out politely after a woman rejects them but this is absolutely hideous behavior.

Gordon was taken into custody, and the victim’s mother intends to seek prosecution on her daughter’s behalf. He faces a felony charge due to a prior battery conviction.


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