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Georgia Lawyer Jailed for Enticing a Mother to "Groom" Her 12-Year-Old Daughter for Him.

If we haven't learned anything lately, we've learned that predators come in all races and professions. They're often the ones that are supposed to be protecting us, and more often than not, very trusted state or government employees and teachers.

Richard Franklin Jensen, III was an Atlanta, GA lawyer who had everything going for him. He was also writing his first book. A book that would eventually send him to prison for over a decade.

In 2015 Jensen, 34, met a Florida woman online. A woman he believed to be a single mom looking for a man to sexually abuse her 12-year-old daughter. Jensen messaged the woman between May 23 and June 1, 2015 via social media, test messages and emails setting up what he referred to as "research for his book".

In those messages Jensen instructed the mother to "groom" her young daughter for him and wanted her to teach the child about sex and the “art of pleasing a man.” Jensen said that he was willing to travel from Atlanta to Tampa Bay to have sex with the girl but told the mother to prepare the child for the sexual encounter by breaking the child’s hymen in advance of his visit to Tampa.

Justice.Gov reports that "Jensen planned to abuse the child over a period of time, stating that “it couldn’t be a one-time thing,” since girls her age form attachments to the person with whom they have their first sexual encounter. In his process of grooming the child, Jensen promised to buy “sexy big girl clothes and underwear,” complimented the child’s “sexy little body,” and wanted the mom to let the child watch pornography so the child could prepare for sex with Jensen.

Jensen also emailed and messaged the purported child, and graphically described the sexual abuse that he wished to engage in with the child. Jensen also sent multiple explicit pictures of himself to the mom to share with the child."

The world took a sigh of relief when Jensen was taken into custody late last year. As it turns out, Jensen hadn't been chatting with a lonely and desperate TRASH ass mother. He'd actually been messaging an undercover agent.

Jensen was sentenced to 12 years and 7 months in federal prison for attempting to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity, and attempting to transfer obscene material to a minor. The court also ordered Jensen to forfeit the electronic devices he had used in the commission of the offenses.

Parents, this one got caught but there are plenty more out there. Please monitor your children on social media and ALWAYS remember to check their DMs, their trash and their message archives.


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