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Former CPS Worker Charged with Sexual Battery of a Children in Her Care.

26-year-old Lauren Cavness, a former Mississippi Child Protective Services worker, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual battery. . . of children who were in her care!

According to Tishomingo County Sheriff John Daugherty, the investigation revealed evidence that Cavness had allegedly been involved in inappropriate situations with those juveniles under her care. The findings of the investigation were presented to a Tishomingo County Grand Jury on Sept. 23 by a special prosecutor with the Attorney General's Office.

Reports say that Cavness allagedly had raped two juveniles who were in her care, had sexually explicit video of a child on her cellphone and also harbored a runaway twice. All while working for the CPS.

This is absolutely disgusting! Child Protective Services workers have been in the spotlight for neglecting to report child abuse cases and now THIS! Are you ready for the real slap in the face? Cavness is out of jail on a $70,000 dollar bond.

This country has a way of showing you who they value and who they don't!


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