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Pregnant Teen, Who Wanted a Baby "So Bad", Murdered by the Baby's Father.

A 19-year-old Texas woman was shot and killed by a young man that she'd once loved. Reports say that Klowie Moore was staying at a motel with her boyfriend 18-year-old Gage Gillentine and died under "suspicious" circumstances.

Sources say that Gillentine had been dating Moore for four to six months and had been refusing to let her see her family. Moore's mother, Debbie Moore, says that she only spoke to her daughter over the phone in recent months. Her daughter was currently expecting her first child and was excited about the pregnancy and starting a family of her own. She wanted a baby "so bad" and “She would have been an amazing mother to that baby.”

Graham police and Texas Rangers are investigating the “suspicious” incident. Police said Klowie was found with a gunshot wound inside of a room at the Executive Inn on Hwy 16 South. Authorities said Gillentine was in the room with Moore was shot.

Moore died some time after the shooting leaving her family in complete shock.

“How do you tell your seven, nine, ten and thirteen-year-old children that their sister’s gone, that they loved dearly,” Moore's mother said.

As for now, Gillentine is behind bars and has been charged with murder. There is no bond set for him at this time. Moore's family is hoping that they receive justice for her killing.

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of domestic violence we urge you to reach out for help. There are local agencies in your area that can help you or, you can find help online by clicking here. At the first sign that something isn't right, or that the vibes are off, leave. Don't wait for the situation to escalate into something worse. Save yourself, for yourself, and those who love you.


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