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#PlayOrPass: The Music Gods are Smiling Today. Jazmine Sullivan Releases New Single "Lost One&q

Just when you thought that she wasn't going to do it, Jazmine Sullivan has come out of her, presumed, retirement and blessed her fans with a new single. The "Bust Your Windows" songstress dropped a new ballad entitled "Lost One" at midnight and it definitely gives you the "Jazmine sound" that you've been missing.

"Lost One" is the song you play after the breakup and you know you were wrong. It's the lengthy text you send that you wish you could unsend. It's the final plea to be heard before the love that you thought would always be there decides to bounce for the last time.

Get into these lyrics:

"I know that that’s too much to ask

I know I’m a selfish bitch

But I want you to know I’ve been working on it

I know it don’t matter

I know it don’t help you heal no fuckin’ faster

Yeah I know I know

I’ve been nothing short of a disaster"

"And if it’s too late, I understand

Sometimes it’s too late to make amends

Just hear me out before you let it go

There is one thing I need for you to know"

Take a listen to this sorrowful ballad below.

Whew child, this makes us want to send an apology text but our pride just won't let us do it! Is this something you'll be adding to your "too much wine" playlist or is this a skip for you? Let us know whether you plan on playing it or passing it in the comments below.

Jazmine Sullivan - Lost One out now!:

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