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West Virginia Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault IN the Classroom!

Here we go again! Yet another teacher being accused of acting inappropriately with a student. Pretty cut and dry right? WRONG? This case has text messages, digital footprints and a Monica Lewinski coup de grace!

A Petersburg, West Virginia history teacher has found himself behind bars after he ALLEGEDLY had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student back in 2018.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Grant County Magistrate Court by Deputy Sheriff S.D. Mallow, on July 26, officers spoke to a 19-year-old female at the Grant County Annex concerning an alleged sexual assault that occurred between April and June of 2018.

The Inter-Mountain reports that Jonathan Michael McNemar, 27, was a teacher at the Petersburg High School in 2018 when the incidents occurred and the victim was his student.

“While speaking to the female student, she described an incident which occurred between April and June of 2018 at Petersburg High School,” the complaint states. “This reocurring incident began as the female student’s 11th grade social studies teacher, Jonathan Michael McNemar, wanted to speak to her about rumors going around the school about her and him, privately in his classroom closet to ‘hug it out’ where no one could see them They went into the closet and (the student) reached for a hug, McNemar hugged her from the side and squeezed her buttocks without consent, she immediately left the classroom.”

“In an effort to avoid detection, McNemar directed the female student to create fake Facebook accounts for them to communicate,” the complaint sates. “McNemar established secret Facebook accounts. McNemar and the female student used these accounts to exchange sexual favors, nude pictures and obscene sexual videos.”

“Towards the end of the school year, McNemar solicited the female student to his classroom, while school was still in session, to engage in oral sex on him via Facebook Messenger,” it states in the complaint. “Prior to the oral sex taking place, McNemar squeezed the female student’s breasts with his hand. The oral sex escalated to (intercourse) after she verbally expressed ‘no’ and ‘stop’ multiple times.”

The victim claims that McNemar raped her again a week later using the same premise.

The former student provided authorities with access to her Facebook account where they digitally recovered messages between the victim and McNemar. In several messages McNemar stated that he feared "losing his job or being arrested due to the above described sexual relations/intercourse with the female student.”

The victim also gave investigators a dress that she'd worn during one of their encounters. The authorities are processing the dress as evidence.

McNemar is is facing two counts of sexual assault in the second degree, soliciting a minor via computer, distribution and display of obscene matter to a minor and sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or person in a position of trust to a child, all felonies. He's being held at the Potomac Highlands Regional on a $115,000 bond.


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