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Comedy Central Cancels "Drunk History".

We don't know about you but we've been enjoying Comedy Central's "Drunk History"! If you've never seen the show, allow us to break down the concept. A narrator, usually someone famous, has a few too many glasses of an adult beverage while telling historical tales. The stories are acted out by other famous actors and comedians wearing period clothing and set in period backdrops. The show, that just wrapped its sixth season, was absolutely hilarious and probably taught us more than our actual high school history classes.

Check out the retelling of Harriet Tubman starring Octavia Spencer.

After six very successful seasons, Comedy Central has chosen to pull the plug on the wildly popular show. Why? Blame it on COVID!

Variety reports that "Drunk History" had been renewed for its seventh season shortly before the pandemic hit but was forced to stop production in March. "Later on, Comedy Central decided to pull the plug on the show as the network moves away from live-actions scripted shows in favor of adult animation."


This show was legendary AND had notoriety! “Drunk History” has earned 17 Emmy nominations over the course of its run, winning one thus far. It is currently up for three Emmys this year, including one for best variety sketch series.

Canceling a show that was this successful had to be a hard decision but those of us who loved it are pissed! Where else are we going to learn history the adult way? Hopefully they'll at least keep the past episodes alive on YouTube until some other platform decides to pick the project up again!


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