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Atlanta Mother Crashes into Ex's Car Killing Her Own Baby Inside!

We will never really know what goes through some people's minds when they are angry or enraged. When they're not thinking and their temper gets the best of them. We'll never know what they are thinking, IF they're thinking, at all but, we will know that their actions sometimes cause horrible outcomes.

Atlanta police said 21-year-old Titayanna Phillips intentionally hit her ex-boyfriend's car last night while her 3-month-old daughter was inside. Reports say that Phillips and her child's father, 27-year-old Undra Henderson, had been having some sort of argument. Henderson was attempting to leave the scene and take his daughter, Khy’undra Henderson, with him. Henderson had just placed the baby in the car and was driving off when Phillips began to give chase.

Phillips rammed her car into his several times causing injury to both father and daughter.

Officers were sent to Chappell Road near Eason Street in northwest Atlanta about 7 p.m., police said. They arranged medical transport for Henderson and the baby to a nearby hospital. Khy'Undra arrived in critical condition but later died from her injuries. Undra Henderson is listed as being in stable condition.

Phillips has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in the case.

Our prayers go out to both families in the loss of this precious baby.


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