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The Search May be Over but, This is Just the Beginning. Suspect Allegedly Hacked Vanessa Guillen wit

Yesterday evening it was confirmed that the unidentified remains found in the search for missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen belong to the 20-year-old woman.

Guillen had been missing since April 22 and her family had accused the Army of covering up a crime. Guillen had told her family just days before that she had been sexually assaulted while on the base and then disappeared shortly after.

Partial remains were found in the search for Guillen on two separate occasions and suspects were identified. One suspect, Aaron Robinson committed suicide when confronted by the police and another, the wife of a former Fort Hood soldier, was arrested and charged.

Cecily Anne Aguilar allegedly helped Robinson, 20, who was a US Army Specialist, “mutilate and dispose of” Guillen’s body after Robinson had beaten her to death on the base.

The official complaint says that Robinson told Aguilar that he beat Guillen to death with a hammer on the day that she was last seen alive. Robinson then asked Aguilar to help him dispose of the body.


Officials told Guillen's family lawyer Natalie Kwaham that the evidence they had against junior soldier, Robinson, dated back to the day when Guillen disappeared, after a witness spotted him in an armory parking lot. Robinson’s girlfriend, Aguilar, the estranged wife of a Fort Hood soldier, was also involved, officials told Kwaham.

Robinson was not the person who called Guillen into work on her day off on April 22, the last day she was seen alive, but he’s the one responsible for killing her, Kwaham said.

The motive behind all this? Well, according to Kwaham, Guillen went to work on April 22 in the armory room to start her duties. When she got there, Robinson was already there. Guillen saw photos of Robinson and Aguilar, who she knew was married to another man, and told him that he was wrong for dating another man's wife. An argument ensued and Guillen threatened to tell their superiors. Robinson allegedly said he wouldn't let her ruin his military career and, at that point, things turned physical.

Robinson is said to have grabbed a hammer and began beating Guillen with it leaving a large amount of blood all over the armory. Robinson then hid Guillen's body in a Pelican case (similar to the one seen here) and then left the armory to go and buy supplies to dispose of her body.

Robinson returned later that evening, with Aguilar, and began dismembering Guillen's body. Once the act was complete the two put the dismembered remains in their vehicle and left. Along their drive the pair allegedly threw the machete, the hammer and Guillen's cellphone out of the window as they were driving.They took Guillen's body out into the woods near the Leon River (about 25 miles away) and buried parts of her body in a shallow grave. The two also poured freshly mixed concrete onto the remains to create a homemade vault to further conceal their crime.

Several witnesses say that they did see Robinson leaving the base with a Pelican case on April 22 but no warrants were issued at that point because Guillen's disappearance was still under investigation.

The medical examiner has stated that the face of the victim has been brutalized so badly that they were struggling to use dental records to make a positive identification because the "teeth were smashed" beyond recognition. The body was positively identified by using a hair sample.

Although there have been a lot of details and answers found during this revelation, there are also more questions. In the case of the armory, “The whole place was filled with blood,” Kwaham said. “He was there between 10:30 and 11:13 in the room, which makes no sense. He kills and cleans up the whole crime scene in 43 minutes?” Also, according to Guillen's family, Robinson was the same person accused of sexually assaulting her.

Aguilar has been charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence. She faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. She expected to appear in court in Waco early next week.

This is such a tragic end to such a young life. This young woman had barely begun to live when her life was cut short because some coward didn't want to lose his job? It's insane. Please, if you are a person who believes in prayer, vibes or just good energy, send some to Vanessa Guillen's family. They really need it.


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