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"Bad Smell" Coming from a Dayton Apartment Leads Police to Find Dead and Rotting Toddler.

You know something is wrong inside an apartment when you can smell it as you walk by. Sometimes the occupants just aren't very clean. Sometimes they're hoarders. Sometimes there's a dead squirrel in the air ducts. It can literally be a lot of different things but, in this case, out of Dayton, Ohio, it was the worse thing imaginable.

Tuesday Dayton Firefighters got a call to check on an apartment with a "bad smell". The apartment, one of many in the 1800 block of James H. McGee Blvd., was reported by a neighbor who was concerned about the inhabitants.

“I think there’s someone over there that’s deceased,” the caller told dispatchers.

When police arrived, shortly after 2pm they found the source of the "bad smell" and it was something most people fear.

Dayton Police Lt. Jason Hall said that they had "located the remains of a small child who had clearly been deceased for some time."


Police arrested the child’s mother, Wanisha Smith, 33, at a house in the 3200 block of Amanda Drive in Trotwood around 6:30 p.m. Prosecutor’s approved a single count of involuntary manslaughter and child endangering after meeting with police Thursday. She had initially been booked on a murder charge, however that charge was not approved by prosecutors.


The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office was unable to release the age and name of the child, however a Dayton police report shows a child approximately a year old was involved. An autopsy will determine how long the child had been dead and how they died.

Several citizens helped lead police to Smith.

Smith does have other children, none of which police said live with her. Officers said those children are safe."

As of yet, the public has no idea what the child died from or if Smith was involved.

In searching for her on social media we found a photo of Smith pregnant in 2018 so, it is believable that the child that was found deceased was just over a year old like the reports say.

Just one week ago Smith posted a TikTok video to her Facebook page showing herself doing the "Flip the Switch Challenge". The citizens of the internet have jumped in the comments and completely berated her, some saying she was living her "best life" while her baby lay dead.

We don't know what happened but this woman is wrong for letting that poor baby's body rot inside her apartment. Even if he died of natural causes, she could have saved herself a lot of trouble and ridicule had she just sought help.

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