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Joe Jackson's Granddaughter Brutally Attacked by Her White Neighbor! [UPDATED]

As if this world didn't have enough going on with the protestors being attacked, we now have to worry about being attacked in our own homes.

Yasmine Jackson, the daughter of Joe Jackson's daughter JohVonnie, was attacked yesterday evening in her apartment building by a white neighbor.

JohVonnie Jackson took to her Instagram account to show photos and give her account on the attack of her daughter.

She posted the following photos saying:

"Look what this Woman did to my daughter @yasminejackson_ she tried to kill my daughter for being Black. My daughter has a good heart and has dedicated her time as a nurse to help others. She did not deserve this! Fuck anyone who has enough hate in their heart to want to do this to anyone!"

Jackson also posted a video of her daughter, in a hospital gown, still bloody from the incident, speaking on the phone to an unidentified person. Yasmine was giving the person her side of the incident as JohVonnie called on Shaun King, an activist, for help.

Yasmine posted her own photos saying that the neighbor "chased her down" at her apartment complex calling her a "nigger" and that she called out for help from those around her but no one intervened until she had already been stabbed seven times.

This is absolutely hideous. Yasmine Jackson is a beautiful spirit who has dedicated her life to helping others as a nurse. She DID NOT provoke this and most definitely didn't deserve this.

We hope that her assailant rots under the jail!


We learned that the neighbor who attacked Yasmine was actually NOT White! Sources say that she was biracial.

More details forthcoming.

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