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Safaree Samuels Has an OnlyFans Account and He's Showing it ALL!

Y'all know we've been fans of Safaree Samuels since he did an interview with us a few years ago. Right after his nudes leaked in March of 2018 (a picture and a video) Samuels decided to ride the wave and release new music to capitalize off of the momentum his name was getting. Well, it looks like he's at it again but this time, he's doing it on his own terms!

Earlier today Safaree urged fans to follow his wife on the new adult social media site OnlyFans. . .

Some of us were wondering why he'd want people to follow his wife or better yet, why would he allow his wife to partake in the site at all. . . then we found out he had one himself and was showing IT ALL! Safaree first announced that he'd be opening an account back in April via Twitter saying he'd rather have this account over the popular TikTok because it was for "Grown" folks.

Of course the videos are #NSFW (not safe for work) and we dare not post the content here but listen, we've seen it and he's showing his fans every inch of what he's working with! If you dare to watch, click here.

OnlyFans is a subscription based site that allows fans to pay for explicit content from their favorite personalities. Safaree's account has a subscription fee of $20.99 per month while his wife's is $29.99. Blac Chyna has an account that STARTS at $50 per month and Lord only knows what she's doing.

Listen, we don't shame sex workers over here and in this day and time people are doing whatever the can to legally, and some illegally, make money during this pandemic. Have you debated on "alternative" employment? Would you do it? Or, would you subscribe to get to know one of your favorite personalities, or a stranger, more intimately? Let's chat about this!

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