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Teacher Kidnapper Killed After Returning to the Scene and Ramming Police Cars!

This tale is so bizarre that no one could have made it up! A Macon, Georgia man is dead today after kidnapping three children and then being shot by police.

Keith Young, 30, was going through a bitter divorce with his soon to be ex-wife when things took a horrible turn for the worse. Reports say that Young went to the home of his ex-wife and children and got into a verbal altercation with her. Young became aggressive toward the wife and eventually tied her up and fled the home, taking their three children.

Mrs. Young managed to free herself and go to a neighbors house for help. When the police came to take her report, Mr. Young returned to the scene, but not with the children. When he noticed that his ex-wife was outside talking to the police, he rammed his SUV into the squad cars that were along the curb, injuring one officer who was inside the vehicle.

He was transported to the Navicent Health where he later died, WGXA reports.

Davis confirms since this is an officer-involved shooting the GBI will soon arrive to investigate.

The case will be treated as a criminal investigation due to the kidnapping of the three children.

Keith Young had been a senior high teacher and coach at The Academy of Classical Education in Macon for the past two school years. According to school officials Young was not set to return for the next school year but they did not give a reason why.


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