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Dafuq?! Alabama Grandmother Livestreams Man Molesting Her Grandbaby!

This world is proving itself every day to be full of sick people! This horrible excuse for a grandmother from Alabama is in jail where she needs to rot for the rest of her life!

Reports say that the "Alabama State Bureau of Investigation arrested 41-year old Lisa Williamson and 19-year old Steven Anthony Jackson, both of Hartford, late Thursday.

Investigators believe Jackson performed deviant acts, including oral sex, on Williamson's ONE YEAR OLD granddaughter while Williamson recorded those encounters. She then streamed that video of her granddaughter and Jackson online, possibly using a subscription based pornographic portal."

A complete stranger from out of state called the authorities in Alabama to report the heinous crime and thank God they did. There's no telling how many times this deviant pair have done this to this baby!

Williamson is charged with Permitting a Child to Engage in Production of Obscene Material, Sex Abuse of a Child, Production of Child Pornography, Dissemination of Child Pornography, and Possession of Child Pornography.

Jackson is charged with Production of Child Pornography and Sodomy First Degree.

Both are held in the Geneva County Jail.


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