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Stars Take to Social Media to Urge People to Stay Inside EVEN AFTER Country "Opens".

Within the last week those in charge of our country have decided that, even though the deadly virus hasn't been contained, the country needs to stimulate its economy. Thousands of people have received stimulus checks work at least $1,200 and the president has decided to leave it up to each state's governor as to whether the state will resume business as usual.

Those in the healthcare field, and anyone else concerned enough to research, have seen the devastation of COVID-19 and they're urging the public to stay indoors.

Those pleas are falling on deaf ears as many around the country have begun protesting the stay at home orders by gathering in public, even some on government property, to demand that they be allowed to return to work, dining out and even return to the beauty salons.

Go figure, some folks would risk their life just to get their roots dyed.

Since most of the people think that doctors don't know a thing but celebrities, or presidents, with no medical degree do, some celebrities have taken to social media to urge everyone to stay indoors.

Gospel singer Erica Campbell, one half of the group MaryMary, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the stimulus checks and the state of the country. Take a look.

Erica's words are spoken like the auntie who really cares about your safety and wants you to do the right thing. She knows you're going to make whatever choice YOU feel is right for you but, she's going to pray that you make the choice that GOD says is right. . . She's the angel on your shoulder whispering.

Then we have Killer Mike who gives us an approach, not unlike Erica's but, with a different flavor. He's a business owner who stands to gain from opening his businesses but, explains why he is choosing not to.

We love the approach of both Erica and Mike. People have to be smart during these times. We are probably NEVER going to get back to the freedoms we once had so we need to prepare ourselves to live with more independence. Who would have thought that we would NEED to go back to gardening, fishing and sewing for necessity in the 21st century?

We couldn't have imagined this pandemic in our wildest dreams.

What are you doing during this "downtime"? Are you essential and still working or have you become a homeschool teacher? How are you keeping sane? Share your experience in the comments below.

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