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22-Year-Old Missouri Mother Dies After Being "Jumped". Onlookers Film Instead of Helping.

22-year-old Kyla Mouton died Monday after suffering a head injury stemmed from FOUR fights. Mouton's mother, Shawntel Mouton Levine says that her daughter had been having trouble with two other women and had been fighting. In the week prior to her death, Mouton had reportedly been in four fights.

Levine says that toward the end of last week her daughter had begun to complain of headaches.

“I want it to be known what happened to my child,” added Levine. “She lost her life, and I want everybody to know why and I want the people who did it to pay for it.”

Kyla’s uncle, Lawrence Levy III said those present during the violent incident need to be held accountable.

“If you were there, you killed her, too. If you were there, and you didn’t stop it, she didn’t die by the hand of just one,” he said. “She died by the hand of a community of onlookers.”

That's right, there were onlookers. Instead of breaking up the fight, those who were witnesses decided to film the attack.

The women who allegedly beat Mouton are currently on the run from the police in Abbeville.

Mouton's death is being investigated as a homicide even though no official cause of death has been listed.

Kyla Mouton leaves behind her parents and two children, ages 1 and 2, and an entire community who say that they will always remember her laughter and her infectious smile.

These young children won't get to grow up with their mother. They'll actually have no clear memory of her just because of a senseless act. We have got to do better as a people. This is absurd.


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