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Man Accused of Sleeping with Dead Wife's Body After Allegedly Strangling Her.

These quarantine times are really taking a toll on people and bringing out their bad sides!

Jeff Charles Sherwood, 45, has been arrested and charged with brutally beating his wife, strangling her to death and then sleeping with her body!

"Hazel Park Police Chief Brian Buchholz said a couple who knew the suspect and his wife called police after they went to check on them shortly after noon Saturday.

“The couple hadn’t heard from them in awhile,” Buchholz said. “They went in the house and the suspect and (his wife) were laying in bed and appeared to be sleeping. The suspect woke up and appeared to be incoherent. They didn’t get a response from the victim and were concerned for her.”

The unnamed couple walked out of the house and immediately called police.

Police and firefighter paramedics arrived at the home on West Troy Street near Lennox Street a short time later.

They found Susan Klepsch’s body in the bed and arrested Sherwood inside the house, police said.

“He was acting lethargic,” Buchholz said. “He later admitted to a detective that he had struck and strangled and kicked the victim.”

The incident started from an argument between the couple where Ms. Klepsch,64, accused Sherwood of infidelity and he became so enraged that he attacked her.

“Based on his admission, it could have been close to a week since Klepsch” died, Buchholz said. “It appears he would get in bed with her when he slept.”

It also appears that during the time between murdering his wife and being arrested, Sherwood made an attempt on his on life as well. He was discovered to have taken a large amount of aspirin and was also suffering from self-inflicted knife wounds to his arms and neck.

The couple, who had only been married since 2018, we also the subject of a police call in November 2019. In this incident Ms. Klepsch had accused Sherwood of pushing her down and grabbing her face during a domestic dispute.

An autopsy has already been completed on Klepsch and it's been determined that she died of blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Sherwood is facing a charge of first-degree murder which could carry a punishment of life in prison.


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