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Wisconsin Man Stabs, Kills Toddler and Attempts to Kill Pregnant Ex Who "Didn't Want to be

Appleton, Wisconsin police have identified a young girl who was murdered on February 27th by her mother's ex-boyfriend. Reports say that 3-year-old Zyana Corbin was brutally stabbed to death by Demetrius Williams. Williams, 25, then turned his rage on the child's mother, Tiana, 27.

Tiana, who is pregnant, says that she was at her apartment with her daughter when Williams, whom she'd had a previous relationship, showed up. She told him she no longer wanted to be with him and he pepper sprayed her then began to beat her. He pulled out a knife and began to "cutting" her. She states that she was able to fight him off and ran from the apartment, leaving her daughter behind. When she returned she found her daughter had been stabbed.

Little Zyana was taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead.

Via Fox 11:

“Demetrius said he was upset at his 'ex' because she didn't want to be together and didn't want him to touch her anymore He said she is pregnant with his baby.. Demetrius said he went on a stabbing rage and started stabbing her daughter,” the complaint states. “When Sgt. Thao asked why he wanted to kill Victim 1 and his baby, Victim 3, he said for him 'freedom and happiness.' When asked to describe happiness he said killing Victim 1 would mean he didn't have to deal with her anymore and unburden him from his anger.”

"He was beginning to feel that his girlfriend who was pregnant with his child was beginning to distance herself from him. He began to concoct a plan to kill her and to kill her three-year-old daughter," Outagamie County District Attorney Melinda Tempelis said."

The Appleton Police Department have posted an official media release stating that Zyana's final autopsy report is pending and urging those who can, to help the family with her funeral expenses.

If you or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence, we beg you to seek help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help.


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