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Longtime School Bus Driver to be Buried in a Custom Casket.

88-year-old Glen Paul Davis drove students to and from school every weekday, every school year, for 55 years straight. Davis worked for the Grand Meadow Schools from 1949-2005 often transporting multiple generations of families. Affectionately called "Glennie" by his riders, Davis, a lifelong farmer, decided years ago that, upon his death, he wanted to be buried in a casket that paid homage to his beloved school bus.

Jim Hindt, the owner of the funeral home, made Davis’ wish a reality and presented the yellow casket to Davis a few years ago.

Via Pix11 "Hindt told the newspaper that he wanted to see the project come to fruition, because he saw it as a gift of gratitude to Davis and his family, who had been kind and comforting when Hindt’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer several years ago."

What a wonderful way to honor a man who spent his entire working career doing what he loved. According to his obituary, Davis was born in 1931 which means he started driving school buses at only 18-years-old! He is survived by four children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren but, he'll be welcomed to his eternal rest by his beloved wife.

Davis' funeral has been scheduled for this Friday in his hometown of Grand Meadow, MN.


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