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Jackson State University President, and His Employee, Busted in Prostitution Sting When They Respond

This is one of those cases where you wish someone had just stayed their behind at home!

The president of Mississippi’s Jackson State University, William Bynum Jr., was among 17 people who were arrested over the weekend after showing up at a hotel to meet a prostitute. Bynum, 57, was accompanied by Shonda McCarthy, director of the university’s art galleries. That's right, they showed up together!

The New York Post reports that Bynum allegedly "gave cops a fake name during his arrest, was charged with procuring services of a prostitute, false statement of identity and simple possession of marijuana. McCarthy, 46, also was charged with procuring services of a prostitute and possession of marijuana while operating a motor vehicle."

"Bynum, who had been president of Jackson State since 2017, resigned Monday as the head of the 5,300-student public university. Prior to the post, he served four years as president of Mississippi Valley State University."

Although neither have said why they appeared at the hotel together, their relationship is a highly speculated one at this point. Bynum, according to his bio, has been married for nearly 40 years and is the father of six children. McCarthy's marital status is unknown however, we're sure that Bynum will probably be sleeping on the couch for a while.

Let this be a lesson for everyone who is even considering this type of action to spice up your love life. . . DON'T DO IT! What you think is going to be a wild night of fun could actually be the gateway to hell that ruins your public and private life. Just say no to hoes in hotels!


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