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Ex-Army Medic Who Gave His Mistress Keys to His Home To Kill His Wife Has Been Sentenced.

A former Army medic Michael Walker was sentenced to 35 years in prison today following the 2014 murder of his wife, Catherine. Walker, 40, a self-proclaimed "sex addict", plotted with his mistress 29-year-old Ailsa “Lisa” Jackson to carry out the murder.

In 2014 Jackson used a key that Walker left for her to the home he shared with his wife on the Aliamanu Military Reservation in Hawaii. Jackson entered the home, found Catherine Walker and began stabbing her.

"Prosecutors say Walker not only knew what Jackson was planning, but encouraged her to do it.

In handing down Walker’s sentence Monday, the judge told him that while Jackson “wielded the knife that killed your wife ... you were in control.”

Jackson suffered from mental illness for years. She was not taking her medication during that time because of a lapse in her heath insurance. She had been diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder.

In court it was revealed that during the crime, Jackson asked Catherine Walker if she forgives her and Catherine answered, ‘Yes’.

During the court proceeding, Douglas Plotz, Catherine’s father also told the court that he forgives the two if them."

Walker admitted to having multiple affairs while he was married to Catherine, even paying men for sex at times. Both Walker and Jackson have been jailed, awaiting sentencing, since 2014.

Walker was sentenced in 2017 to 10 years behind bars for sexually abusing a child, assault and communicating a threat after authorities investigating his wife’s murder found child pornography. He was also convicted of prostitution after investigators found social media sites where he was selling himself to men for sex.

Jackson will serve a 30 year prison term for the murder of Catherine Walker.

Catherine Walker's family say that they are satisfied with the judges decision and are happy that these two aren't "walking the streets".


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