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10-Month-Old Baby Shot in the Face by Her Aunt on Christmas Eve.

10-month-old Jamaya Austin should have just shared her very first Christmas with her family. She should have been learning how to open presents, play with wrapping paper and find more joy in the boxes, as opposed to the toys that came in them. Little Jamaya didn't get to do any of those things because she was shot and killed on her first Christmas Eve.

The reports show that Jamaya's aunt, Tamika Stallworth, pulled out a gun on Christmas Eve night and began shooting into a car where Jamaya a passenger. The baby girl, described by her family as a "sweet" and loving child was struck in the face.

Jamaya was rushed to the Monroe County ER then transferred to USA Hospital where she later passed away. Tamika Stallworth was taken into custody that same night and is facing murder charges.

Charlie Stallworth the uncle of both Jamaya and Tamika Stallworth, told News 5, “I’ve never known Tamika to have a single violent bone in her body. She is always kind and compassionate, which makes the ordeal hard to grasp…I stand with my family… [We are] trying to keep everyone in prayer during this tragic and unfortunate time.”

Family members who were at the scene say that Stallworth was likely aiming at the unidentified driver of the vehicle when she opened fire. The close-knit family hasn't shared what the potential motive could have been or if there was any type of disagreement that preceded the shooting.

Stallworth remains behind bars on a $750,000 bond.


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