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Utah Man Pleads Guilty to Raping Children at His Mother's Daycare.

36-year-old Theodore Heaps is an absolute monster and here's why.

Last year a 26-year-old man went to the Salt Lake City Police Department to report that he had been raped when he was just six-years-old by Heaps when he attended a daycare ran by Heaps' mother. When hauled in to the station Heaps admitted that he'd raped and molested several children that were in his mother's care between the 1998 and 2002 beginning when he was just 16-years-old himself.

Via 21 KUTV:

"Heaps had previously been arrested for kidnapping in 2007 and child abuse in 2004. In a report from Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) in 2011, officials noted that Heaps admitted to "reenacting the sexual abuse of his victims with his girlfriend."

“[Heaps] also compared himself to Ted Bundy. His therapists felt he was making major breakthroughs in treatment, but some of the treatment team was not as confident. Our office was no sure he would be successful and at times wondered if he was being extraordinarily honest, or was a much greater threat to the community,” an AP&P supervisor wrote in the report.

The report recommended Heap’s probation be allowed to expire in 2011.

Heaps is expected to face sentencing for the charges of rape and sodomy in February 2020."

We're grateful that this victim came forward and that justice will hopefully be served. In total police interviewed three victims, all who are adults how, and confirmed the accusations against Heaps.

This man must have been keeping some kind of score card because he was able to recall his victims by name.

Thank God there were no statutes of limitations on these cases.


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