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Colorado Police Find 26 Children Behind a False Wall in a Daycare Basement!

This story is so wild we don't even know where to begin!

Colorado Springs police have a huge investigation on their hands after an anonymous complaint came in about the Play Mountain Place day care. The whistle-blower made the complaint that there were too many children at the childcare center and that the police needed to take a look.

Here's where things get strange.

When the authorities arrived at the facility they didn't find ANY children.

Reports say that when they contacted the owner, 58-year-old Carla Faith, at her residence on the same property, she refused to cooperate. However, officers could hear the children inside her home. They eventually found a false wall that led to the basement where they located the children, police officials said.

Not just one or two children either. In total there were 26 children all UNDER the age of three.

The Colorado Springs Police Department has taken over the criminal portion of the investigation while all licensing matters are being handled by Colorado’s Department of Human Services. The department is also investigating other licensed facilities that are owned by Faith.

A total of three adult workers were arrested, but those charges were cancelled pending an ongoing investigation. Faith, however, is still on the hook for this one!


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