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Human Remains Found Believed to be Those of Missing 5-Year-Old Taylor Williams.

Just a few days ago we reported the story of little Taylor Rose Williams who was reported missing from her Jacksonville, Florida home. Williams was reported missing by her mother, Brianna Williams, after she said she woke up in the morning and couldn't find her daughter in their home.

A story that we thought was fishy from the start and the neighbors did too. Why? Because they said they never saw a child living at that address.

During the investigation and search for Taylor the police used cadaver dogs to search out clues. Those dogs alerted on the scent of decomposition in the trunk of Taylor's mother's car. Now, new reports have given the update that human remains have been found and, though they have not yet been identified, they are believed to be those of Taylor Williams.

The police department posted on Facebook that the remains were found in a wooded area between Linden and Demopolis. The search crews were looking for Taylor when they found the remains.

Taylor's mother has been a person of interest in her disappearance since the search began. Williams, a Petty Officer 1st Class at NAS Jacksonville, initially cooperated with investigators. She claimed when she checked on Taylor on Wednesday morning, she was not in her room and the back door was unlocked.

Authorities said she stopped cooperating when they informed her that her story didn’t add up. Since then, she’s been staying on base.

This story is still developing. Trust that we'll keep you all informed as more details become available.


Brianna Williams reportedly attempted suicide around the time the remains were found.

Investigators have confirmed that Williams, who is a Naval Petty Officer in Florida, is currently in a serious condition in hospital after she appeared to attempt suicide on Tuesday afternoon.

It is believed that authorities were on their way to arrest Williams when she attempted to take her own life. Williams has reportedly suffered an overdose after ingesting a substance.

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