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Aaron Dean, Officer Who Murdered Atatiana Jefferson, Once Said He Had "No Problem" Killing

The 2017 interview of Aaron Dean has surfaced and is raising a few eyebrows. In the video Dean is asked questions about what would make him a good candidate for the job as a police officer and he starts by stating that he has "no prior experience" but that he's held several managerial positions. Then, the questions take a turn.

"Will you be able to kill somebody if you have to," one member of the five-officer review panel asked Aaron Dean.

"No problem," Dean said, without hesitation.

Dean was also asked if he was ever in any legal trouble and he admitted to being accused of touching a woman inappropriately at another position.

Via NewsOne:

"Dean, who was 32 at the time of the interview, also admitted to an assault charge against a woman when he was in college, “There was a young lady at the school flirting with me. I wanted to respond to see where it would go. It escalated a bit.”

He continued, “I touched her inappropriately. It was an inappropriate action. And she, of course, took exception to it and rightfully so.” Dean said he pleaded no contest to a charge of simple assault and paid a fine."

Sure, this sounds like a stellar candidate to protect and serve!!

If you haven't been following the case, Dean was an officer for the Dallas/Fort Worth Police Department who was called out to check on a woman by the name of Atatiana Jefferson because her neighbors noticed that her door was open. Dean and his partner showed up to Jefferson's house shortly after 2:30am, did not announce themselves, and began snooping around outside of Jefferson's house. Jefferson, who was inside playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew, got up to check and see who was outside of her house with flashlights and was shot, through her bedroom window, within 6 seconds.

Dean never identified himself before firing.

He was set to be fired from his position but resigned before they could officially fire him. He has been charged with murder.


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