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Prostitute Blackmail's Married Man by Threatening to Post Sex Video on Facebook!

If this isn't reason enough for folks to quit cheating, I don't know what is!

Fresh off of the Pastor Wilson drama, Facebook has a new cheater in town. 22-year-old Kailynn Havannah Alexandria Moore-Jones allegedly recorded herself engaged in a sex act with a married man and tried to blackmail him.

Here's the story:

"Charging documents say the St. Louis County man met Moore-Jones through an escort website on Aug. 6. She filmed the resulting sexual encounter between the man, herself and another woman, charges say, then began to call, text, email and send Facebook messages to the man demanding $15,000 and threatening to post the video, an affidavit filed in court by FBI Special Agent Kassandra McKenzie says.

The man paid Moore-Jones $2,200 in three MoneyGram transactions, but she continued to seek more money, McKenzie wrote, finally posting a pornographic video on the Facebook pages belonging to the man, his wife and his employer, the charges say.

The man went to the FBI on Aug. 21. He called Moore-Jones on Aug. 23, and the FBI heard her agree to delete the video if he paid more money, McKenzie wrote."

Allegedly home girl has a history of prostitution, domestic violence and theft. She was charged August 26th and was later picked up at a Walmart in Tucson where she'd gone to puck up some Moneygram transfers.

One of these days people are either going to learn to stop cheating or to cheat smarter! What we really want to know is how this man and his wife are getting along these days?


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