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Man Accused of Killing Alaskan Woman Pleads Not Guilty BUT Confesses to Another Murder!

It was just a week ago when we reported that Brian Smith had been arrested and accused of killing Kathleen Jo Henry and filming the crime. Smith has maintained that he was innocent even though photo and video evidence proves otherwise.

In court this week Smith, 48, who was described by his wife as "a good husband",plead not guilty to the murder of Henry. During those proceedings, Smith was questioned about another murder and confessed to that crime.

While Smith was being investigated, after his initial arrest, he admitted to law officials that he had shot another woman between 2017-2018 and told them where her remains could be found.

"The law department said that Alaska State Troopers, who discovered the remains, found a skull with a gunshot wound from the area that Smith had identified. The medical examiner’s office identified the remains Oct. 11 as those of Veronica Abouchuk, Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll said.

Both victims were Alaska Native women, Dunlop said. Henry's body was found near the Seward Highway on Oct. 2."

Veronica Abouchuk, was last seen in July of 2018, reported missing in February 2019 and her remains were found in April outside Anchorage, the Alaska Law Department said.

Smith, who is originally from South Africa, just received his citizenship for this country days after killing Kathleen Henry in September.

"Smith had been indicted on charges that include murder, sexual assault and tampering with evidence in the death of Henry, and a specification of torture was made that could lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of 99 years if he is convicted, Dunlop said.

A grand jury added charges of murder and tampering with evidence in the killing of Abouchuk, and the state also filed a charge of misconduct involving a corpse, she said.

Smith is expected to be arraigned on the charges stemming from Abouchuk's killing Monday."

Has anybody let #45 know about these murdering immigrants or are they only concerned with the immigrants who possess more melanin?

We wonder if his wife still considers him to be a "good husband"?


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