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Man Arrested for Filming the Violent Murder of Alaskan Woman as His Wife Maintains "He's a

30-year-old Kathleen Jo Henry was a woman on a mission to turn her life around. She had overcome so much and was pursuing a fresh start when she was found brutally beaten and murdered in early September.

No one in the Anchorage, Alaskan community knew about the heinous act until a random stranger, walking down the street, stumbled upon a memory card that contained gruesome pictures and videos on September 30th.

That memory card, titled "homicide at midtown Marriott", was immediately taken to the police by the woman who found it but, she did view the contents first because she was curious about the card's label.

Henry's remains were found about 20 miles south of Anchorage along the Seward Highway on October 2nd and authorities positively identified her as the woman in the videos.

The man accused of killing Henry is Brian Steven Smith, originally from South Africa, had just become a United States citizen on September 20. Just days after Henry was killed.

"Anchorage police linked Smith to the memory card labeled 'homicide at midtown Marriott' found on the street,' which allegedly contained 39 photos and 12 videos of the suspect brutally assaulting and strangling the nude Henry on the floor of the TownePlace Suites by Marriott.

In one of the videos he was allegedly heard screaming at the victim: 'Just ... die.'


Detectives identified Smith as the person who recorded the crime after recognizing his distinct accent from a separate, unspecified investigation.

An affidavit described in gruesome detail how the videos showed he victim, Kathellen Jo Henry, being beaten on a hotel room floor as she attempted to fight back.

The footage - time-stamped September 4 - showed the woman with long dark hair being strangled as her assailant stomped on her throat.

Hours later the videos showed the suspect carrying her body through the hotel parking lot in a white sheet and placing it in a pickup truck that matched one Smith shares with his wife.

The dozens of photos showed Henry lying naked on the hotel carpet with a bruised left eye, bloodied blue lips and red marks on her face. "

Smith's wife, 69-year-old Stephanie Bissland, is maintaining his innocence even though she wasn't with him during that time. She says that he is left "numb" by these allegations and that her husband has never been violent and is a "good husband". "I'll stand behind him, beside him, while he's going through this," she said.

Is it just us or are the wives of murderers always saying that the creep was "a good husband"? Just because he's good to you doesn't mean he's not out here looking for someone who's down on their luck to prey on!

These "blind" wives would serve the world well if they just did a little more prying into their husband's "personal" business.

Standing by your man is one thing but, when he's caught RED HANDED on video. . . naw sis, let that man go stand on his own.


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