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Deranged Bronx Man, 62, Runs Over His Ex-Wife and Attacks Her With a Machete IN FRONT of Their Grand

These are truly the last and evil days. Earlier this morning a Bronx man was seen by his neighbors committing a heinous act against his ex-wife!

Authorities were called to Ellsworth Ave. in the Bronx where they found 58-year-old Noelia Mateo unresponsive. The neighbors on the street told officers that her estranged husband had run her over with a vehicle then attacked her with a machete in broad daylight.

Eye witness accounts say that Mateo was just leaving her home and getting into her vehicle when her estranged husband hit her at a high speed, vaulting her into the air.

Via Pix11:

"Bronx resident Victor di Cristina lives across the street and witnessed what happened.

"He gets in there, starts it up, puts the car in reverse, bangs into the car in back of him," he said. "Then put it in forward, come forward and run over her again.

"Di Cristina opened his door and ran out, trying to stop the man.

"He ended up with a machete and he's banging away at her with a machete," he said. "I ran over there. I was about 10 or 15 feet away from him and I was screaming at him to stop.

"Di Cristina wasn't the only witness, according to Ritchie Bonilla, who lived next to the victim. Her grandkids saw what happened.

"The kids were running toward her to say 'take us inside, take us inside,'" he said.

"She was bleeding all over the place," Bronx resident Ritchie Weinagner said. "He was already gone and everybody was screaming."

The entire neighborhood is still in shock. The ordeal was witnessed by many who were on their way to work and parents who were preparing to take their children to school.

The ex-husband, 62, has not been formally identified by the police but is NOT in custody. Mateo was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.


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