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Woman Suing the City of Denver After She Gave Birth Alone and Unassisted While in a Jail Cell!

Diana Sanchez was being held in a Denver corrections facility when she went into labor around 5am on July 31, 2018. Sanchez said that she alerted the facility staff but her cries went ignored and unanswered for more than five hours. She had been detained two weeks prior and the staff did know that her due date was just days away. Her water broke just before 10am, she once again called out for help but, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

At 10:44am she gave birth to her baby unassisted, alone in her cell, pants around her ankles on a jail cell bench.

Now, Sanches is suing the city and county of Denver, Denver Health Medical Center and six individuals who were responsible for her care!

Via Pix 11:

"The lawsuit alleges nurses and Denver sheriff's deputies "callously made her labor alone for hours, and ultimately give birth alone in a dirty jail cell without any medical care."

"The failure to provide care to a woman who is in labor and a baby who is born without any medical assistance in a dirty jail cell, this is not civilized," Sanchez's attorney Mari Newman said.

Video from inside the jail shows moments after Sanchez gives birth, a male nurse is seen walking after he had been watching from outside the cell."

"After learning that Ms. Sanchez gave birth in a cell at the Denver County Jail on July 31, 2018, Sheriff (Patrick) Firman immediately ordered Internal Affairs to conduct a review to understand what happened. Denver Health was also asked to review this incident."

The spokeswoman said after the investigation, it was determined the deputies "took the appropriate actions under the circumstances and followed the relevant policies and procedures."

Policy has since been clarified that when an inmate is in labor, an emergency ambulance will be called."

The lawsuit was filed to "hold to account the officials who cruelly chose convenience over compassion."

Sanchez's baby boy, named Jordan, is now 13 months old and the light of her life. Although he came into the world with a rocky start, she's making sure that laws are changing to insure that no other expectant mother has to face this horror.

Yes, we know women were giving birth for centuries before doctors and Western medicine were invented however, most of them did have some sort of support system in place to help them physically and mentally.

We hope the settlement from this lawsuit goes to fund little Jordan's college education!

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