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Black Young Man in Michigan Stopped by Police for Looking at a White Woman "Suspiciously".

What in the 1950's is this?!?!

A 20-year-old man, later identified as Devin Myers, in Michigan was stopped while walking into a restaurant for allegedly looking at a White woman "suspiciously".

Imagine minding your own business, walking into a restaurant to eat and looking at the person who passes you. Now, imagine that same person calling the police on you because they felt threatened by your glance.

Unfortunately, this is the case for thousands of Black men every single day and it usually doesn't end well. Remember Emmett Till?

Thankfully this young man's story had a civil ending but, not after several nerve wrecking minutes of harassment!

This young man's run-in with the Royal Oaks, Michigan police happened outside of the "Inn Season Vegetarian Cafe" and was caught on camera by a bystander and there are several key factors. The young man remains calm, the owner of the restaurant comes to his defense and the cameraperson knows their rights and documents everything.

Take a look.

The fact that this young man's mother had to come to the restaurant to make sure her son made it home safely is sad. The fact that we need to depend on the compassion of strangers to "vouch for" us is degrading and dehumanizing. Simply LOOKING at someone shouldn't be considered threatening.

This is the new "stop and frisk". This is the new "probable cause". These cops were trying their best to justify and validate this woman's fears like it was cool.

I have brothers and one of them has had this same type of incident. Being harassed and reported because someone feels threatened by your eyes is disgusting.

If you can't handle a glance, stay your @$$ at home!

In the meantime, I'll be taking my vegetarian self to Inn Season Cafe the next time I'm in Michigan.


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