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Gotta Be Quicker Than That! Brazilian Drug Lord Nearly Escapes Custody Dressed as His Daughter!

After binge watching the final season of "Orange is the New Black" this story is definitely a segue into how life imitates art!

Imprisoned Brazilian drug lord Clauvino da Silva, 42, got tired of waiting for his release and decided to take matters into his own hands. Da Silva, also known as Baixinho – meaning shorty, because of his height, was busted before he could cross the prison thresh hold because he looked awkward while walking and simply didn't look right!

"A spokesperson for Rio's State Secretary of Prison Administration (Seap), said: 'Clauvino was wearing a pink t-shirt with a black bra underneath, had long black hair, tight jeans, white sandals, a coat and glasses but even though he had the face of a girl, he didn't move like a woman.

'Officers were suspicious of his appearance, particularly as he was in the middle of seven other women visitors who were leaving the prison and who appeared to be deliberately surrounding him to shield him from being seen clearly by us.'"

Da Silva was taken to a room and made to undress. The spectacle was captured on video and you can watch it below.

How anyone thought that he could get away walking like a man, dressed as a woman, with a VERY FAKE face is beyond us!

"According to Seap, da Silva took advantage of visiting hours and exchanged clothes with his daughter, Ana Gabriele, who was left hiding inside the jail.

Seven other female visitors, one of them pregnant, were also suspected of aiding the attempted escape. They were taken to a police station for questioning along with da Silva's daughter.

Agents suspect the pregnant woman was carrying the disguise as it is against rules for her to be searched when she enters a prison.

Da Silva, who is serving a life sentence of 73 years and 10 months, was one of 31 prisoners who broke out of jail in February 2013 through sewage networks. He was arrested shortly afterwards."

We think it's time that he hang up the idea of ever escaping.


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