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Pregnant Woman Who Vanished on Her Way to Show Baby's Father a Sonogram Picture Found Dead.

Makayla Winston, who was nine months pregnant, was reported missing last Thursday. The 21-year-old woman went missing after relatives say she went to show her baby's father a sonogram picture of their baby.

Her car, with the keys in the ignition, was spotted on Friday. Her cellphone, which had been wiped clean, was in the grass nearby but Winston was no where to be found.

Police, suspecting foul play, began a frantic search for the mother-to-be because she was just days away from her due date.

Winston's mother, Yvette Brown, made a tearful plea for any information saying “I just want my baby home. . .Let her come home and enjoy her first child because we love her… and we’re going to take care of the baby no matter what. So I just want my baby to come home.”"

Sadly, Makayla did not return home alive.

"Investigators believe there may have been a white vehicle parked behind the 21-year-old expectant mom at some point, he told the outlet. “Kind of like an SUV. But no one knows who was driving the SUV,” Holmes County Sheriff Willie March told WCSC.

“The cell phone was cleaned up so we’re also doing an investigation on the cellular phone, trying to find out what was erased,” said March.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has interviewed several people about Winston’s disappearance, WCSC reports."

There are no suspects at this time however, the streets are pointing plenty of fingers in the usual directions.

Anyone with information about Winston or her whereabouts is asked to call the Holmes County Crime Stoppers at (662) 834-0099.


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