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Family Upset After Walmart Gives them a Styrofoam Cake for their Graduate!

It's graduation season and parents everywhere are celebrating the end of a journey and the beginning of another with their children. For single parents, it's a celebration of actually raising their child to adulthood, a triumph that some found it hard to even imagine. Graduation, and the parties that follow, are always looked at as joyous occasions for every family. . . except one.

A family in Pasadena, Texas was set to celebrate the graduation of their youngest family member. The graduate's mother, Marsy Flores, said she wanted to create the perfect celebration for her daughter's high school graduation. She made sure that the decorations were perfect, she got the perfect pictures and ordered the perfect cake. A two-tier blue and white confection from her local Walmart. When Flores went to pick up the cake, that's where her problems began.

Flores said that the attendant at the Walmart bakery couldn't find her order.

“They didn’t have our order. They didn’t have anything ready.”

Flores said the store offered to give her a different cake free of charge. She said she chose a smaller cake and the bakery added a picture and several adornments to the frosting. Flores said that she thought that the party was back on track but realized she had another problem when she went to cut the cake and realized it was Styrofoam underneath the frosting.

The family took a video following the incident."

That poor apology and compensation that Walmart gave can't replace the moment that was lost. We think this family deserves more than just a $60 gift card!

Hopefully, although this was an unfortunate situation, the rest of the graduation celebration went off without a hitch.


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