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Newborn's Father Accused of Causing the Infant to Overdose after Cleaning Syringes with Her &quo

A 25-year-old Milwaukee man is behind bars and facing felony charge of neglecting a child – consequence is great bodily harm, after his newborn daughter overdosed on drugs.

According to reports Versean Anderson was left to care for his 5-week-old daughter while her mother went to work on May 6. The child's mother stated that when she returned home around 4pm Anderson told her that the baby had been "sleeping all day" and wouldn't "take her bottle". The mother says that she roused the baby and got her to drink about two ounces before she fell asleep again.

At 7pm Anderson told the mother that the baby was having trouble breathing and she immediately took the child to the hospital.

"Officers responded to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for a child neglect complaint. A doctor indicated to them that a 5-week-old child “had been admitted to St. Luke’s Medical Center and was in respiratory failure.” A urinalysis found both opioids and cocaine in the child’s system. While at St. Luke’s, hospital personnel administered two doses of Narcan on the baby. The child was then transported to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin."

"When officers spoke to Anderson at the home where the incident initially happened, he “denied that he had used drugs and attributed the needles and other drug related items (in the home) to his brother…and two of his friends that he knows are into drugs.” However, Anderson later told police a friend had come over on May 6 — and that “he had crushed up a Percocet pill and snorted it.” The friend “had brought syringes with him that cleaned using a gallon jug of ‘baby water.'” The two then purchased cocaine from the friend’s dealer, the complaint says. After injected the cocaine, the complaint indicates the pair “cleaned their syringes in the gallon bottle of water located on the kitchen table.” Again, Anderson referred to the jug of water as “baby water.”

After speaking with the baby’s mother, she confirmed she had “used the gallon jug of ‘baby water’ on the kitchen table to make a bottle” for the baby on the evening of May 6."

This is flippin' unbelievable! Like, seriously, there wasn't any other water available for him to wash his drug paraphernalia? Or better yet, he couldn't WAIT to do his drugs until the mother got off of work, or simply not done them at all?

Folks, please watch who you have children with. Not saying he's guilty but, everybody isn't responsible.

Anderson is due back in court on June 19.


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