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Married Cop Murdered His Lover and Left Her Body to be Found by Her 8-Year-Old Son.

Dominique Lashelle Clayton, 32, was a loving mother of four young children. She was a daughter, a friend, a great neighbor and, she was also involved with the wrong man. That man is now being held by police and is accused of murdering her.

Police were called to Clayton's Suncrest Drive residence after a report of an "unresponsive person". That person was Ms. Clayton who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

"Friends told FOX13 Dominique Clayton was shot in the back of the head during a domestic situation. Her eight-year-old son found her after being dropped off at the house by a family member on Sunday.

Interim Oxford Police Chief Jeff McCutchen said the department learned on Sunday that Matthew Paul Kinne -- an Oxford police officer -- was possibly "involved" with Clayton. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation took over the case, and Kinne was developed as a suspect.

Dominique's sister, Shyjuan, detailed that relationship further and told FOX13 the two were having an affair."

"Kinne was arrested Monday night and is being held in the Panola County jail. He is charged with murder.

“We will not hide behind our badge," McCutchen said. "“Dominque was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a member of our community. This day is about her.”

Matthew Kinne was a four-year veteran police officer with the Oxford Police Department."

We extend our condolences to Ms. Clayton's children and the rest of her family. There's no reason her life should have ended like this, at the hands of someone she loved.

If we've learned anything from this situation we've definitely learned that, while they may be charming and willing to take care of you, married men are off limits. Some people go to extreme measures to make sure that their secrets stay hidden.


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