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"She's Back"! Dionne Warwick Delivers Double Disc of Chill Music! [LISTEN]

If you've been waiting for music to get back to what it used to be then you're sure to be pleased with Dionne Warwick's newest project.

Warwick teamed up with music greats like Kenny Lattimore, Kevon Edmonds, Musiq Soulchild and Brian McKnight to give those of us who like long drives or sipping brandy on a porch swing a soundtrack to groove to.

Warwick has a signature singing style that is unmistakable and if you think she's going to try and "run with the kids", you're wrong. She knows her lane and she's gracefully staying in it!

If you want to sample the album, get into the 20 tracks below!

Has she aged vocally, sure, she's not the same 30 or 40-something that most of us remember but, is this a good "kick back" collection, YES! The album gives off an older vibe so it's PERFECT for men chilling on a fishing trip or a girl's getaway that's more "Waiting to Exhale" than "Girls Trip".

My personal favorite is "Deja Vu" featuring Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony) simply because I'm an Ohio girl who's been addicted to Bone since they first told me to wake up because it was the first of the month.

Is "She's Back" a play or pass for you?

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