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Maleah Davis' Brain Injury and Abuse Claims Explained. Previously Taken to the Hospital for Thro

Ever since the Amber Alert for Maleah Davis was released, the public has had questions. The more details emerge, the more questions we've had and FINALLY we're getting some answers.

One of the most pressing questions we've all had was "Why did Maleah have brain surgery a few months ago?" Why did a child who seemed so vibrant and healthy in her photos need such a delicate surgery when it didn't seem to stem from anything genetic?

Well, according to a report obtained by KHOU, the answers are more gruesome than any details we've heard thus far.

Maleah's illness was a result of an injury she sustained at home!

"It stems from allegations of abuse and neglect that led Child Protective Services to take temporary custody of Maleah, according to court records.

The state got involved after a seizure and head injury sent Maleah to the hospital in August.

Maleah was living with her grandmother, mother Brittany Bowens, and Bowens’ boyfriend, Derion Vence, and was only taken to the hospital at the urging of her grandmother, who was at work at the time of Maleah's injury, according to court records.

Doctors had to perform a “craniectomy to relieve pressure” and remove half of her skull, according to documents. When Maleah got out of ICU, doctors ordered that she wear a helmet for 12-24 months while she healed. Doctors said the injury and explanation did not add up and suspected abuse, according to court records.

This was not Maleah's first trip to the emergency room.

According to records, three weeks earlier, on July 10, Bowens took Maleah to the ER after she was throwing up blood. Doctors reported Maleah was "extremely lethargic." Maleah was treated and sent home.

The following week, on July 28, Maleah was back in the hospital for a cut to her forehead. Later, medical professionals reported she had blood just outside her brain, which could be life threatening.

Bowens said Maleah was hurt after falling from a chair, but that “would not have caused the serious internal injuries, which required half of Maleah’s skull to be removed,” medical professionals said in court documents."

The more details of Maleah's home life become available, the more the public is worried about her safety and doubting the story her stepfather told.

We're praying for this baby's safe return but with each day that passes we're growing even more concerned.

The search for Maleah Davis, and the car she was riding in, continues.


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