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Wu-Tang Clan Gets a High Honor!

The ground-breaking rap group Wu-Tang Clan has reached a new level of success! The group has always had street cred but now, they've got permanent popularity!

According to Pix11:

The city of New York has designated a section of Staten Island, the borough otherwise known to Wu-Tang fans as Shaolin, as the Wu-Tang District to celebrate the legendary hip-hop group’s influence and contributions to the world.

Local officials, fans and members of the community gathered in the neighborhood of Park Hill on Saturday to unveil the sign that made it official.

Debi Rose, a New York City Council Member who represents Staten Island’s North Shore, explained the decision to honor the group, whose members grew up in New York City.

“The Wu-Tang Clan District is a celebration of their inspiration to the world — and a celebration of their home, Shaolin,” Rose wrote on Twitter.

“The Wu-Tang Clan turned their experiences growing up here into something that now resonates with people all over the world, with young people who live in urban settings, young people whose neighborhoods are underserved, young people who face economic and social challenges,” she continued in another tweet.

This is definitely an accolade that is well deserved! Congratulations!

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