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HIV Positive Teacher Accused of Molesting Student Also Accused of Hiring a Hit Man to Kill the Child

This is a parent's worst nightmare!

Imagine sending your child to school, trusting that the employees there have been properly vetted, and then finding out that one of those school employees has sexually assaulted your child.

For one St. Louis family, this nightmare was a reality that would only get worse.

That school employee, 36-year-old Deonte Taylor, who allegedly assaulted the child also hired a hit man to kill the child, and his mother, ahead of their court appearances.

"Authorities say the sex crime involving the boy, now aged 10, happened three years ago, but Taylor was not charged until November 2018 with three counts of sodomy.

The new felony counts against Taylor and Johnson allege that they agreed to hire a hitman to kill the accuser and his mother to prevent them from testifying against the disgraced teacher at trial.

Prosecutors said in February, Taylor approached another inmate in jail asking him to carry out the murder-for-hire plot upon his release.

According to court documents cited by KSDK, Taylor convinced his boyfriend, Michael Johnson (right), to pay for the hit.

But instead of going along with the plan, the inmate chosen for the violent task became a confidential informant for the police."

"Authorities said the alleged abuse occurred in November 2015, while Taylor was employed as a teacher's aide at Lusher Elementary School.

The 36-year-old educator, who has HIV, is accused of taking the then-seven-year-old boy out of the classroom, escorting him to another room and there putting his penis inside the child's mouth.

Taylor's DNA was found on the boy's body and clothing, but charges were not immediately filed and Taylor went on to his teaching certificate.

Taylor passed multiple background checks and was hired to teach fifth grade at Walnut Grove Elementary School, which is part of the Ferguson-Florissant School District."

The school district wasn't aware that Taylor had any pending charges or investigations against him before he was hired. His arrest came after new, undisclosed, information on his case came to light and was a shock to every one at the school.

Both Taylor and Johnson, who has his employment listed as a "minister of music" at a local church, are facing a host of charges such as conspiracy to commit murder and tampering with a witness.


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