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Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy Team Up for a Thrill in "The Kitchen".

I know we've all gotten used to Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in comedic roles but these two have joined forces to cook us up a little something different! New Line Cinema debuted the first look for this summer's release of "The Kitchen" during CinemaCon. "The Kitchen" is based on a graphic novel about a pack of women in the 1970s Manhattan neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen who take over the crime routes of their jailed Mafia husbands.

Tiffany Haddish as a mob wife? This should be interesting!

Via Variety:

“The Kitchen” is certainly not a comedy, a first look trailer for the project revealed. McCarthy test-drives a kind of streetwise bravado you’re used to seeing from her in over-the-top comedies, but in “The Kitchen” there is no pause for laughter. Even more surprising was how measured and earnest Haddish played to the crowd, as the sole woman of color in her group (which also counts Elizabeth Moss).

“They didn’t want me in this family anyway,” Haddish tells her partners in crime over a tense meeting in a diner, where the women strategize ways to gain legitimacy as an organized crime force against a misogynistic mob boss.

“There’s so many layers to women,” Haddish told the CinemaCon crowd. “We can make you cry, we can make you laugh, we can be nutritious.”

The official trailer has yet to hit the web but this movie has already captured the limited audience who attended this week's CinemaCon.

Although we're puzzled about our girl Tiffany's ability to play a serious character, we're willing to give this movie a shot. "The Kitchen" is set to hit theaters this August. Will you be in line to see it?

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