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South Carolina Teen Faked His Own Abduction to Get Money from His Mother!

One South Carolina teen is in BIG trouble after trying to extort chump change from his own mother!

In the day and age where people are ACTUALLY being abducted you'd think that people wouldn't play like this but, some folks don't know when to say when.

19-year-old Emmanuel Franklin's mother got a call from her son, and an unknown man, from a private number. It seemed odd because Franklin's phone shouldn't have registered that way. During the call she says that the man began to threaten her son saying he would be hurt if she didn't make a cash drop to a specified location!

Fox Carolina reports "the Sumter County Sheriff's Office tells news outlets that 19-year-old Emmanuel Franklin was arrested Sunday and charged with blackmail. Deputies say Franklin led his mother to believe he had been abducted this month and would be killed unless $130 was placed in a neighborhood mailbox. An incident report says the mailbox belonged to Franklin's father."

It was only after the authorities put the pressure on Franklin that he admitted to trying to swindle his mother.

Kids these days!


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