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Chicago Woman Murdered by Teen Lover Who Killed Her Because She was Transsexual.

24-year-old Dejanay Stanton was lured to her death in August of last year by someone she had previously trusted. Stanton had met Tremon Hill, who she believed to be 18, the previous month and had several sexual encounters with him.

Phone records show that there were more than 400 text messages between the two from July 22 to August 30, the day she was found dead.

Hill, who is actually a 17-year-old senior in high school, had been messaging Stanton and telling her how he enjoyed having sex with her but, didn't want to continue because she was transgender.

After their last sexual encounter Hill told Stanton that he was having suicidal thoughts. Stanton, like any woman would, tried to be compassionate and help Hill through his rough time. They agreed to meet on August 30 and she was never seen alive again.

She was later found shot in the head on the ground outside of her car.

Cellphone towers and security cameras linked Hill to the area where Stanton's body was found in a secluded area near Chicago's Calumet Avenue in Bronzeville. Reports say that Hill guided Stanton via text messages to the area and that they two did not receive any messages from each other after the planned meet-up.

In earlier messages Hill had urged Stanton to delete photos of him and messages from her phone.

When a search warrant was issued for Hill's residence, police found a shirt and pair of pants matching those worn by the man on surveillance video. Both had red stains on them that were tested for evidence.

Hill, whose attorney's are painting as a loving young father and beloved basketball player, was arrested for first degree murder and was denied bail at his hearing on Sunday, If convicted, because he was charged as an adult, Hill will face a life sentence in prison.

Our prayers go out to Dejanay's family. No one, no matter what their gender, lifestyle or path deserves to be treated like this.

Fellas, listen up, it's never ok to kill someone who you regret having sex with or who turns down your sexual advances. Take that "L" and use it as a lesson. When you do that, you live to see another day, free to make choices for yourself and create a different path.

This has got to stop.


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