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Michigan School Groundskeeper Sentenced to 20 Years for Rape of Student He Allegedly Murdered.

This is the type of story that we hate to report but know that we have to. The details of the case are disturbing as all crimes against children are. Let's back up and give you the full story. In April of this year 16-year-old Mujey Dumbuya was set to testify in court after being sexually assaulted by the groundskeeper at her school, Quinn James. James had been arrested for the offense but was released on bond while he awaited his trial.

On January 24, 2018 Mujey was reported missing after she failed to show up at school. Her mother, Fatmata Corneh, testified in court that she saw her daughter leave for school that morning and was shocked when the school called her to say that Mujey was not there. Corneh began a search for her daughter that proved fruitless.

Four days later the body of Mujey Dumbuya was found 50 miles away from her home. She was partially clothed, wearing only one shoe, and had been doused with what appeared to be bleach.

With Mujey dead the court looked to their second witness in her rape case to proceed. The accused rapist, James, had been the fiance' of Mujey's boyfriends aunt, Tiara Burnett, with whom the boyfriend lived. According to "Burnett's nephew, Daquarius Daymont Bibbs, 17, emerges as a critical witness in the sex-assault case against James. He dated Dumbuya and said he witnessed James sexually assault her. At the request of prosecutors, a judge ordered Bibbs held under house arrest until he can testify. Bibbs lived with his aunt and James, and said he held Dumbuya's hand to comfort her while James raped her. He said he was afraid of James."

You read that right. There were levels to this crime and they didn't stop there. James had help all along the way to allegedly murdering Mujey and hiding her body. The man who loaned him the vehicle in which he kidnapped Mujey, Gerald Bennet, his fiance' Tiara Burnett and a third man, Daren Eckford, were all charged with perjury after they either lied about or denied involvement with James.

Mujey's family was allowed to address the court at James' sentencing and their words were truly sorrowful.

Updates on the case from report that "James, 43, was sentenced Monday, Dec. 10, to 20 to 30 years in prison for third-degree criminal-sexual conduct. James, on the advice of his attorney, Jonathan Schildgen, did not say anything before he was sentenced.Schildgen asked for a lesser sentence. He said his client essentially grew up without adult guidance and was locked up when he was 13 and “targeted by monsters.”

We're not saying that people who've had trouble pasts can't learn and grow from their trauma but, blaming trauma isn't always the key either.

Mujey's mother collapsed with grief, calling out for her daughter, in the court after the verdict was read.

He will face a separate trial for her murder in February of next year.


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