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Family's Home Monitoring System Hacked! Mom Finds Out When She Hears a Stranger Talking to Her C

We've all seen those smart gadgets who promise to make your home life simple, monitor your visitors and make sure your children aren't throwing wild parties while you're away.

It's estimated that more than 20 million homes have smart speakers or monitoring devices in the United States alone which means, sales have definitely been good.

Until recently, not too many people have noticed problems. There were cases of Amazon's Alexa laughing in the middle of the night or recording conversations, Google Home devices eavesdropping and keeping better recordings than Omarosa but NOTHING like this!

Video courtesy of PIX11

I don't know about you but this is CREEPY! The very thought that someone could have been watching this woman and her family for God only knows how long is terrifying!

We all know that one little kid in the family that likes to tell all the family business. What is this had been that child? This stranger could have found out their address, if he doesn't have it already, and other sensitive information about the family.

What takes the cake is the fact that Nest's only suggestion was for the family to change their password and add extra verification! EXCUSE ME?! How about you sure up your end and make sure that this kind of hacking and tampering CAN'T happen!

If this was your family, what would you do?


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