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Mother of Missing Toddler Charged with Child Endangering Because She Left Her Child Unattended!

A Texas toddler is missing under some pretty suspicious circumstances. The 2-year-old girl was strapped in her stroller at a park when her mother left her alone briefly. She was gone when she returned!


"Authorities say Hazana Anderson, 2, went missing around 9 a.m. from Gabbard Park. Officers say the mother, Tiaundra Christon, left the child unattended in a stroller for a few minutes to grab a bottle. When she returned, the child was gone.Law enforcement searched the park and continued search efforts into nearby neighborhoods."

I just want her back. Wherever she's at, I just want her back,' said Velt Burns, the girl's aunt.

'I'm concerned as anyone else is at this point and time,' said Layer Foster, the girl's cousin.

'I just want whoever knows what is going on to come forward and say something,' Foster said.

Family, friends and volunteers went door-to-door as well handing out missing flyers.

"Online records show Christon was arrested early Monday and charged with child endangerment and giving a false report to police.Anyone with information is urged to contact the College Station Police Department at (979) 764-3600."

Let's pray that this baby is returned to her family safely. We'll keep you updated as details arise.


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