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Mother Jailed After Faking Her Daughter's Cancer Diagnosis!

A Tuttle, Oklahoma woman is behind bars after faking her daughter's cancer diagnosis. Folks in the small town have been raising money and sympathizing with the woman and her child for more than 2 years! Residents of the city have described her as a "scam" artist and a "crook" who "took advantage" of the kindness and good nature of her neighbors.

Jamie Parker has been charged with child abuse and quite a few other charges for lying about her daughter's illness and scamming the town to get rich!


“This woman has been doing this for almost two years, it started when her daughter was seven,” said Sheriff Jim Weir.

Sheriff Weir said the child was suffering from stomach pains when Parker allegedly took to the internet for answers. Without getting confirmation from a medical professional Weir said Parker came to conclusion that her daughter had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Weir said she even shaved the girls head and took her to the Dallas Cancer Center, which was paid for with her husband’s work credit card.“When she was interviewed, the mother basically confessed said she just made herself believe in her mind her daughter had this,” said Weir.

Weir said in two years Parker allegedly scammed good people out of more than 35-hundred dollars in cancer in online donations, as well, donation jars until she got caught by her own husband.

“He took the daughter into a doctor; they did some checks and said no, your daughter doesn't have cancer."

Although the child's father was understandably enraged, it was the hospital who called Child Protective Services to report the crime!

Once the authorities got wind of the lie, it all began to make sense because, this wasn't even the first time that Parker had stolen money. In 2016, just before her daughter's "diagnosis", she stole $2,000 from the Tuttle High School Wrestling Team! After that, the inhabitants of the small town all shunned her like she wore a scarlet letter.

“She said didn't do this so much for the money, but she said when she was convicted of the embezzlement for the sports team, that everybody turned their back on her and hated her and when they found out her daughter had cancer they started befriending her again,” said Weir.

This woman isn't even sick. She's an opportunist who saw a way to get money, without working for it, and get the attention and sympathy of those who had previously rejected and ignored her. She can stay in jail for all the town of Tuttle cares.


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